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April, 3 & 4 in Paris

Find out how the Marveen by ClassifID app is revolutionizing your business by booking a slot with us at the Food Hotel Tech show. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how Marveen can boost your success!

Food Hotel Tech

Double your attendance thanks to a notification!

A privileged communication channel

Our Smart QR Codes are designed to take your business to new heights. Highlight your offers in real time, boost your sales with instant promotions and attract your customers' attention like never before!

Stay in constant contact with your customers by keeping them informed as soon as a new document is available, thanks to our ultra-fast push notifications!

Instantaneity: Share crucial information with a simple scan.

Transparency: Build trust with transparent disclosure of product composition.

Real-time notification: Keep your customers informed as soon as a new document is available.






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Marveen is also ...

A pioneer of the future of file sharing, secure and environmentally friendly

Marveen by ClassifID is an eco-friendly mobile application focused on secure and efficient file sharing. It offers advanced encryption protocols and robust data protection mechanisms, prioritizing document security.

Environmentally friendly, the app reinvents the Peer-to-Peer storage process using all of our existing devices.

Transfers are fast, secure, and don't use cloud storage.

Marvin is particularly useful for merchants and businesses, providing a solution for sharing product and promotion information with a simple scan.

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We were at
CES 2024 !

We are excited to share that ClassifID has been chosen for CES 2024, an achievement that highlights our unique approach in the tech industry. Unlike our competitors, we do not rely on traditional data centers, instead, we utilize innovative, eco-friendly methods for data sharing. This key differentiator not only sets us apart but also aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and secure data handling. Our participation in CES 2024 is a proud moment to showcase these pioneering solutions and to lead the way towards a more sustainable digital future.

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Get to know us

CEO & Founder

Nico Bel

Marketing & PR

Lou Ceyrolle

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Bordeaux, FRANCE

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