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Who are we? 

Our History

Welcome to ClassifID's "Our History" page! We are a company committed to the development of an eco-responsible data management application, which stands out through its cloudless approach.

The history of ClassifID dates back to the time when Nicolas Bel, founder of the company, continued executing his master's degree at Polytechnique. Passionate about protecting the environment and preserving user privacy, he felt the need to create an innovative solution to meet these challenges.

This is how the idea of ClassifID was born. He was aware of the problems associated with storing data on remote servers and the environmental impact of energy-consuming data centers. He understood that it was necessary to find an alternative solution that respects user privacy and the environment.

With a passionate team, Nicolas developed an application that relies on a decentralized storage model, eliminating the need for cloud computing. ClassifID allows users to synchronize their data directly between their smartphone and their computer guaranteeing their sovereignty vis-à-vis their personal information.

ClassifID team's vision is to offer a solution that is secure, respectful of privacy and beneficial to the environment. They have worked hard and with passion to create a user-friendly application, giving people full control over their data, without fear of security risks from remote servers or unwanted data collection practices.

Marveen by ClassifID prides themselves on their unique approach and commitment to sustainability and privacy. They believe in a future where users can manage their data with confidence, while helping preserve our planet.

Join them in their eco-friendly approach and discover a new way to manage your data, without compromise.

Do not hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions or suggestions.

 They will be delighted to discuss with you!

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